Capone’s Dinner Show





As guests at Capone’s Dinner Show you will have more excitement than ever by ‘dressing the part.’ When you arrive be sure to check out our gift shop for accessories to wear during the show! Choose from stylish fedoras, boas, flapper headbands and more. When the evening’s done, take them home with you as a souvenir or to wear again!

The 20th anniversary features an all-new show. Guests that have attended before will be delighted with the new storyline, songs and characters. The audience plays a crucial role, gathered at this “family reunion,” and will ‘endure’ a hilarious interrogation and assist in helping find a rat in the organization. The stand-up comedy portion of the show is often the most memorable for our guests. No two shows are ever alike.

Get ready for some action during our good ol’ gangster shoot out! Every night our guests receive prizes galore during this portion of the show. Join Marvel, Fingers and the rest of Al’s gang as the action heats up and the “ammo” begins to fly! These wise guys aren’t using your standard mobster-issued run-of-the-mill Tommy Guns! They’re using the “big guns” and your gang is sure to enjoy!

The shootout is a crowd-pleaser! You won’t want to miss out on the fun. Don’t you’s worry….it happens every night and is included in your ticket purchase. Your gang is gonna have a blast!

Only at Capone’s Dinner Show can your gang experience our one-of-a-kind prohibition era speakeasy and cabaret. Knock three times, give the secret password and journey back in time to 1931 gangland Chicago. Miss Jewel is your lovely and talented hostess for the evening’s festivities. A zany cast of characters deliver loads of laughs, toe-tapping musical productions, gangster action, stand-up comedy and audience interaction. Win prizes nightly in our new gangster shoot out. Young and old are sure to have a blast!

Tickets include Mama Capone’s Italian/American buffet, a bevy of beverage selections from lemonade to wine and so much more over twenty choices in all and dessert too.When the night is done your gang is sure to be walking the walk, talking the talk and humming the songs.

Reservations are required.