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This tour includes transportation from Orlando and surrounding areas to Kennedy Space Center

Take a virtual flight to the moon and back at one of Florida’s best attractions! On this full-day Kennedy Space Center Tour from Orlando, tour the NASA facility and Apollo/Saturn V Center to see rockets and their launch pads.  At Astronaut Encounter, hear what it’s like to be in space from veteran astronauts. Upgrade to sit down to lunch with an astronaut. Or get a Space Pass Plus to not only dine with an astronaut but also take a tour of the Vehicle Assembly Building and other behind-the-scenes sites.

Be a part of history in the making as you explore the ins and outs of Kennedy Space Center on this out-of-this-world day tour. You’ll have access to restricted areas, walk under the massive Saturn V rocket and even meet and greet an astronaut from the Space Program!

One of the many highlights of your day will be the Shuttle Launch Experience, a space simulator that gives you a taste of what the astronauts feel when they lift off. You’ll also be able to view IMAX movies giving you a 3D look into what it’s like to walk on the moon, and visit the rocket garden for a surreal experience surrounded by giant rocket ‘flowers.’


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Kennedy Space Center is just like a  space-travel theme park – only it’s real! It’s a awesome treat for the whole family, and only 45 minutes from Orlando.  Plan on spending at least a full day to explore NASA’s launch headquarters, located on a huge island wildlife refuge!
This ticket is for admission only. Excludes transportation.
Kennedy Space Center is located at  SR 405, Kennedy Space Center, FL, 32899