Disney’s Blizzard Beach Waterpark



Disney’s Blizzard Beach Waterpark



The theme of the park is the “Disney legend” of a freak snowstorm in the area, leading to the construction of Florida’s first ski resort. Naturally, the snow didn’t last long, leaving behind a collection of waterlogged but snowless ski jumps and chair lifts. The resort was in the process of closing for good when an alligator was seen sliding down a flume and splashing into a pool of water, screaming “Yahoo!!!!” Thus the “ski resort” was reborn as a water park, with the alligator (named “Ice Gator”) as a mascot.

The Summit Plummet is considered the park’s premiere water ride. Stretching up 120 feet high, this free-falling slide is fast and a real adrenaline rush. People will fly down the slide at 60 miles per hour, and clearly, this ride is not for the faint of heart.

Blizzard Beach also offers the Slush Gusher, another intoxicating slide. This one has two moguls and sends people flying at 50 miles per hour. Visitors can also take a ride on the Downhill Double Dipper, also known as the Triple D. This is a two-by-two slide that reaches 50 feet high. Speeds on this slide are 25 miles per hour, great for children. At the bottom of the slide is a pool that is 54 inches deep.

For your convenience, Blizzard Beach is open year-round with heated pools in cooler weather.

Location – 1534 E Buena Vista Dr  Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830

Disney’s Blizzard Beach Waterpark

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