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Medieval Times Discount TicketsLet’s Get Medieval!! Medieval Times Dinner Show

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This time, I want take you back in history to a time when Chivalry and Romance were commonplace! Where a knight was used to bravery and often fought for the hand of some beautiful maiden!! Where tournaments were mock battles and had more in common with military training than they did as a spectator sport. Jousting, where two knights would face each other atop horses and armed with lances and shields, may have begun as a way to settle disputes within the ranks. These early battles were called duels of chivalry.

Get ready to join the ranks of those cheering on their favorite hero! You will be blasted into the past with the Medieval Times Dinner Show. It has been astounding audiences for over 25 years, so make sure you discover this highly successful, entertaining, and festive show live in Orlando. It embraces the experience of medieval celebrations, taking you back to the time of King Arthur and his royal table.

Medieval Times Dinner Show is inspired by the true medieval tradition of royal families inviting their guests to feast and watch knights compete on horseback. You are personally invited as a guest of the king. Sit back and enjoy the horseback jousting competition from the comfort of your stadium seating view. There is never a bad seat in the house. Divided up into several sections, you will be assigned to a particular knight. Cheer him on as loud and a proud as you like as he battles it out for the heart of the princess.

As you watch the rivalry from your stadium view, the feast that they say “is fit for a king” is served. I found this a little lacking, but the show distracted me from really being too picky! Guests dine on garlic bread, tomato bisque soup, roasted chicken, spare ribs, potatoes, and pastries. A vegetarian meal is also available, upon request. Drinks are included and include coffee, two rounds of select beverages and a full cash bar is available to your every need. But there is one obstacle that you will have to overcome… Eating with your fingers!

With exceptional equestrian skills, swordsmanship, hand-to-hand combat, acting, costumes, and pageantry, you will feel as if you are back in the past. Authentic costumes and weapons are used throughout the show and it is as if you have never left the medieval times. Even the horses are the same authentic breeds that were used in the medieval times.

This is definitely one of the most entertaining and spectacular shows of its kind!

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