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Top 6 Must-do's at Toy Story Land in 2019 Studios Disney

Toy Story Land is the newest expansion at Walt Disney World, spanning over 11-acres at Disney’s Hollywood Studios Park. If you’re a Toy Story fan you’ll be in your element, exploring the colorful world of Andy’s backyard. There’s so much to see, but these are the Top 6 Must-do’s at Toy Story Land in 2019 during your visit.

Andy’s Back Yard

Toy Story Mania is one of the most popular rides at Walt
Disney World and now guests can get even more of Buzz, Woody and the whole gang
in the new 11-acre Toy Story Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The land,
based off the beloved Pixar films and characters, is designed to look like
Andy’s backyard and guests will feel like they’ve shrunken down to the size of
a green army man with giant toys scattered about everywhere. “It’s great
to be able to bring guests into Andy’s backyard,” said Disney Imagineer Shannon
Mashchak. “It’s really fun developing all the immersive details, which is
challenging yet exciting to take all of those toys that so many generations
know and love and then blow them up so that you’re the size of a toy.”

Top 6 Must-do's at Toy Story Land in 2019

Ride Slinky Dog Dash

The marquee attraction at Toy Story Land is Slinky Dog Dash.
The story is that Andy combined a mega coaster kit with Slinky Dog as the
coaster car. “Something that’s unique and special about Slinky Dog Dash is
that you actually get to ride inside one of those classic characters from your
favorite movies,” said Mashchak. The Disney Imagineer also said to look
for fun details such as Slinky’s tail bouncing and characters Jesse and Rex
talking to each other during the ride. For a coaster, it’s not intense like the
park’s Rock ‘N’ Roller Coaster and doesn’t have any scary drops so it’s a
perfect introduction for kids ready to try a coaster ride.

Top 6 Must-do's at Toy Story Land in 2019

Take a Spin on Alien Swirling Saucers

One of the two new rides in Toy Story Land is the Alien
Swirling Saucers
. Here, guests climb aboard Alien-piloted rocket ship
saucers which move around to electronic space music.  The Alien’s favorite
object, “The Claw”, looms overhead. The rocket ships whirl and swirl, but they
don’t spin, making this ride less nausea-inducing than the Mad Hatter Teacups.
The minimum height for this ride is 32 inches and FastPass+ is available.

Top 6 Must-do's at Toy Story Land in 2019

Green Army Patrol

Disney couldn’t have possibly opened a new land without bringing in some new entertainment. Since this is Toy Story Land, it makes sense that the Green Army Patrol would be part of the fun. This posse of  green guys marches through Toy Story Land, stopping to play games with guests in their fun boot camp. Green Army Drum Corps can also be found marching around Toy Story Land. They play percussive music that is sure to get you moving.

Top 6 Must-do's at Toy Story Land in 2019

Woody’s Lunch Box

Perhaps one of the most creative quick service counters at
Walt Disney World, Woody’s Lunch Box is literally a lunchbox propped up with
toys, a thermos and other lunchbox food. And the menu is a lot of fun with
items that take you straight back to your childhood such as a s’mores French
toast sandwich or an old-fashioned soda float. “The inspiration was to
bring back the kid we all have in ourselves,” said Hollywood Studios
Pastry Chef Sergio Avila Favela. And the food is just as cute as it is tasty.
When asked what the best Instagrammable snack is on the menu, the chef chuckled
and said, “Oh, the tart.” These oven pastries are so much better than
the boxed stuff and come in two delicious flavors: hazelnut with bacon bits and
(my favorite) raspberry.

Top 6 Must-do's at Toy Story Land in 2019

Check-Out Buzz and Woody

Buzz and Woody are literally a big part of the new land with two larger-than-life structures. You can find Woody at the beginning of the land and Buzz right outside Alien Swirling Saucers. While these toys might seem like they’re just decoration, they actually talk so when you walk past them hang around for a second to hear Woody welcome you as a toy to Andy’s backyard and Buzz speak in Spanish.

2019 promises to be big as far as new attractions but this one is sure to be popular for a very long time. But here are the Top 6 Must-do’s at Toy Story Land in 2019 just in case you miss it! OrlandoTicketConnection.com  guarantees top-notch customer services and great prices!