If you are planning your first trip to Disney World then these Top 10 Things to Know about Disney World might be invaluable to you and can help take your vacation to new levels of fun and family memories!


Top 10 Things to Know about Disney World

1. You should make all of your reservations six months in advance.

If you’ve never done Disney before, this is the best advice. Restaurant and Fast Pass+ reservations open up six months ahead of time- and the best restaurants and rides fill up FAST. So figure out when you want to do while you’re there and when you want to do it- then make those reservations as soon as you possibly can.

2. Go EARLY if you want a major seat for parades and shows.

If you want a front row seat for parades and shows, start arriving hours before kickoff times, because if you wait until the last minute prime seating is often long gone. You will shocked at how EARLY people lined up for the Main Street Electrical Parade. Using your Fastpass+ for rollercoaster rides or princess meet & greets gives you the opportunity to get to the parades and shows possibly hours before start time. If you’re spending $100 plus a day to be in the park, this is one of the best uses of you time!

3. There is very little shade.

Depending on what park or resort you walk around, you will probably not find a lot of shaded areas. The walkways throughout the parks are almost totally exposed to the sun. The number one reason people wind up seeking medical treatment at the parks is reportedly sunburn. Thus, you need sunscreen. Bring a bottle and apply it often, plus wearing a hat and sunglasses is a big help!

4. The parks are almost never slow.

If you have seen the Disney World television commercials where only a few people are leisurely walking through the parks, remember that is ONLY a commercial! The reality is there are people everywhere at Disney now. The days when you walked straight on popular rides without a significant wait are long gone. Make sure your family knows that waiting in lines anywhere from ten minutes to well over an hour is normal no matter when you come, so try to be patient.

5. Don’t forget your phone charger.

Walt Disney World provides guests with what they call a “D-Zone” charging area, with power outlets to charge up cell phones, laptops, and other electronic devices at no extra cost. There are currently 6 charging stations, each with two electrical outlets. USB outlets are said to be added in the future. Epcot has just opened a new D-Zone where you can take a break and charge your devices as well. This is great advice if you depend on your phone for those fabulous family pictures!

6. Take a break between days at the parks.

If you have purchased more than 2 days, planning on take a day off in between. This will help you recover by allowing you to sleep in late and enjoy the pool at you the resort. There are so many other things to see and do in the area such as Downtown Disney, that you really will appreciate Disney on the other days!

7. You will walk forever.

The parks and resorts are immense, and you will walk miles and miles each day. This might be one of the biggest surprises people talk about once they got home, was just how much they walked and how tired their bodies were. Ten miles a day and up is not unusual for many people. You need to do some practice walking several months before you head to Orlando, and this goes for kids as well. You don’t want to be sitting on a bench resting your feet while the fun passes you by.

8. The weather can be quite unpredictable.

From pop up thunderstorms to cold spells, Orlando is not always mild and sunny. If you bring a change of clothes or even wear layers you will find it easier to deal with the extreme changes. We suggest purchasing a rain poncho before entering the park because you will pay much more at Disney.

9. You will not do everything you plan.

Pre-planning your Disney vacation is important but make sure you understand that you probably won’t do everything on your list. Be flexible. But no matter how much before-thought you do, most of us have a hard time following that plan exactly to the letter. Times have to be altered, wake up calls are frequently bumped up, and that’s all part of vacations.

10. Disney costs more than you think.

Even if you make a budget before coming to Disney, don’t be surprised at what you spend while you are here. Budgets are a incredible idea, as long as you allow for impulse buying and snacks. With all the Disney products being marketed, you will suddenly feel the need to purchase items you certainly don’t need, but Disney-want is a strong urge to fight. There is a snack stand or restaurant every 100 feet, with chilled water bottles screaming your name. If you are not on the free Dining plan, you can wreck a budget on snacks alone in a very short time. Bring water bottles and refill at the many water fountains though out the parks! You can also bring fruit and snack in the park as will which will save you in the long run.

Your trip to Disney World will make memories to last a lifetime. So enjoy these sometimes forgotten tips to make sure it is the best one ever!! Orlando Ticket Connection is your one stop shop for all Discount Disney Tickets!